How we use information about you

Information we have about you

We, Cervical Screening Wales, keep certain information about you for a number of reasons. We need to know your name, address and date of birth and the details of your GP so that we can invite you for screening at the right time. We also keep your test results, any photographs we take (with your permission) and any treatment you have. If you tell us you do not want to be screened, we keep a record of your basic details to make sure that we do not invite you.

How we use the information

We use your personal details to make sure we are collecting and using accurate information. We take care to make sure that we only use your personal details when we need to.

We will keep your sample for at least 10 years. We store any photographs we take with your hospital records. We may need to review samples, screening records and any photographs to check that the standard of our service is as high as possible and to help improve the information available for specialist staff.

We also collect information on all cervical cancer, to monitor and evaluate the screening programme. If you have cervical cancer, we will review all the records we have, including records the colposcopy department have, and we may also ask your GP to help us with the review. If you want to, you are entitled to know the results of your personal review. If you do not want to know the result of your review, you can ask your doctor not to tell you. If, however, at a later date you decide that you would like to know the results, you can tell your doctor at any time that you would like to see this information.

How we keep information safe

The Director of Cervical Screening Wales is responsible for making sure that we use your details properly. We keep all paper records in locked offices away from the public, and computer records are protected by passwords, which only approved members of staff know. All staff receive regular training about security and confidentiality.

Sharing information

We only ever publish information as statistics and we never publish your personal details.

We only pass on your personal information to people or organisations who need it, including your own GP. We may also give your information to a medical consultant if they need it for your medical care, or we may give information to the National Patient Safety Agency if this is important to keep you safe. If you have cervical cancer, we may pass on anonymised information (this means that we do not reveal your identity and it is not possible to trace the information to a named person) to other health and research organisations. All these organisations and people must protect your personal information in the same way as us.

Occasionally we are asked to provide information for research trials or audits. The Director of Screening Services looks at each situation and the Director and Caldicott Guardian (the senior member of staff who is responsible for confidentiality and using patient information) must approve this.

Most people and organisations only ask for anonymised information. If someone asks for identifiable information (in these cases it is possible to trace the information to a named person), we will need your permission to give out your details. Also, researchers need permission from the NHS Research Ethics Committee before we give them your information.

For very large studies which are important to protect the health of the nation, we may give your information to others without getting your permission. We will only do this is it is legal to do so, as advised by the Ethics and Confidentiality Committee (ECC) of the National Information Governance Board for Health and Social Care (NIGB). The ECC provides advice on national issues that involve using patient information. In these cases, we only give out information if we have written permission from the Trust and the Caldicott Guardian.

Information about us

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Making a suggestion or complaint

If you would like to make a suggestion, comment or complaint, please write to us at the address below. Further details are also on our website.

More information

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