Screening Leaflets

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Subject Leaflet
Screening Helping to prevent cervical cancer (PDF file 957KB)

Cervical screening - the facts

Your colposcopy appointment

After your colposcopy examination (PDF file 17KB)

Should all women have cervical smears?

Cervical screening for older women

Making decisions about screening
Tests The cervical smear that needs to be repeated

What your inadequate cervical smear result means (PDF file 42KB)
Treatment Treatment following an abnormal cervical smear

After your colposcopy treatment (cryotherapy/cold coagulation) (PDF file 18KB)

After your colposcopy treatment (loop/laser) (PDF file 18KB)

After your hysterectomy or Manchester Repair (PDF file 43KB)

Do you have any suggestions, comments or complaints about Cervical Screening Wales?

How we use information about you

'An easy guide to cervical screening' (PDF file 1.6MB). For anyone wishing to download this leaflet, please note that the age at which women are offered routine cervical screening in England and Wales is different. Unlike England, where cervical screening is offered to women from 25–64 years, within Wales all women are invited for a smear test from 20 to 64 years every 3 years.

Screening promotion - public information (PDF file 673KB)